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One cold September night... 

SmashHarry was conceived back in 2017. His friends, Gene and Harry, were in his pick up truck. Harry in the front passenger seat and Gene sitting in the back behind him. As always these two jokers were winding each other up and Gene decided that Harry's head needed smashing. "SmashHarry!' Gene shouts and the rest is history.


Who is SmashHarry?


Well, to start he's a Philomath (...a lover of learning and studying).  A songwriter, producer, sound engineer, classical / jazz pianist, author, teacher and modern artist, an entrepreneur. 

Workaholic drinking around six coffees a day.


SmashHarry has worked as a pianist in rock, pop and Jazz bands. Performed live on a Saturday night in a bar in Tenerife at 2 pm in the middle of nowhere after visiting a salsa club with a few rum and cokes in his system. He's played rock n roll piano at a Mexican wedding with a salsa band, played in his favourite city Florence, Italy, in a posh restaurant looking like a surfer and also had a USA-UK playoff in Las Vegas in the hotel "New York New York" on his birthday, very drunk but very happy.


SmashHarry's currently working as the musical director and pianist in a brand new show called The Iconic Blonde show starring Verity Burgess. (Cats, Evita). He has also started writing for PIANIST magazine. His first article (No 109 Aug/Sept) is a 6-part series on Playing By Ear - A Songwriter's Way, which will be part of a new book he is writing for all pop producers, songwriters and singers who are wanting to master their understanding of chords, chord voicings and Jazz reharmonisation. 


Diamond Shoes is the first single from SmashHarry’s forthcoming EP planned for release in 2020.


Music Producer / Songwriter / Pianist

New Single

Diamond Shoes out NOW!

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